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Toy and Activity Kit

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This is our specially discounted sale bundle, it has one of each of our most popular products at the market stalls we used to run before quarantine, so you know most kids actually enjoy them! And more than a few adults too.

We recommend getting it for kids 6+, as many of them contain small pieces such as nanoblocks, it's also great if your house has kids of various ages!

The price of our Base Bundle is $35 including delivery.

This bundle is being sold at cost, to help you find some activities for a good price, and to help us move items that we only used to offer in physical locations, which sadly we won't be able to attend for a while.


It includes:

  • 1 Nanoblocks kit - Animals
  • 1 Nanoblocks kit - Pokemon
  • 1 QIYI Sail Cube Puzzle (Rubik's style puzzle) - High quality budget speedcube.
  • 1 Smoosho colour-changing ball - Changes colour when you squeeze it.
  • 1 "World's Smallest Magic Spring" - AKA tiny metal slinky.
  • 1 Stretchy Daschund - A soft, highly stretchable sausage dog.
  • 1 "World's Tiniest Kites" - Miniature Flying Kite.
  • 1 Creeblers - Sticky wall clingers which leave no residue on surfaces or hands.

All of them will be sent in assorted colours or types!

For the Nanoblocks, we will also send kits out at random, currently we have:

Animals - African Elephant, Galah, Hamster, Kangaroo, Koala with joey, Shiba Inu, Triceratops

Pokemon - Pikachu, Charmander, Mega Charizard X, Blastoise, Bulbasaur, Mewtwo, Eevee, Magikarp


Other options and Pricing:

Nanoblocks only - It will contain 3 random Animals and Pokemon kits, there will be no repeats so you'll have 6 different Kits, $45 including shipping averages them at a $7.5 price per kit.

No nanoblocks - It will contain all the toys, including the QIYI Sail but will have no Nanoblocks at all. Your savings will be a bit less in total since we still have to add shipping to the cost but if you don't care for Nanoblocks then it's still a good value, it'll average each toy at only $3.33.

The Base bundle will average each item at $4.37 each. 

There is also a flat $5 discount per bundle if you order more than 2.


Additional information:

These are common questions we used to receive about our small toys - 

Sail Cube - It is a black base, classic stickers style cube. It is smooth and pre-lubricated, it is usually called a budget speedcube since it can be quite fast, but there are much faster cubes out there.

Smoosho Ball - It is washable! Just use soap and water and it'll be like new. Inside of it is an unusual paste-like filling so try to keep it away from sharp objects; it is very resistant to breaking but of course if you try to, it will break.

Stretchy dog - It also is washable! This one's filled with what seems to be sand, I have yet to have one or see one break so I can't confirm this. Very resistant, at first it'll change shape a bit, once softened it'll bounce back to its normal shape.

Creeblers - They are also washable, they're made of an unusual plastic that makes them very sticky. They cling to surfaces and hands via their material and not via any sort of 'glue', so while similar to the old wall clingers or those sticky hands, it will not really leave a mark most of the time.

Nanoblocks - Unlike lego, we recommend these for slightly older kids, as the small pieces actually make it rather challenging to build. It's great at keeping you focused, and it's been quite popular with adults that were not into block building before due to the challenge even with beginner kits.


Thank you for your support.

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Currently we have two shipping rates: FREE for items under the "Large" and "Even Larger" categories, and a $5.00 flat rate for all other products.
Please be aware that during the upcoming Holiday season, items may take longer to arrive to their destination, it is recommended to order up to 7 working days before Christmas.


We recommend that you keep the shipping box when you first get your Diamond painting kits, as it is usually the easiest way to package the product for a return.

If your product arrives damaged or missing components, please contact us with a brief description of the problem.
If you would like to return the item due to change of mind, we will request that you ship the item in it's original packaging and with all the components, we may ask you to pay for the return shipping in change of mind returns, but there won't be any 're-stocking fees', even if you have opened the product.

Do I need to buy anything else to start my own Diamond Painting?

No, every Diamond Dotz kit includes everything you will need to create your painting. However some people find a few accessories to be useful: Tweezers, Magnifying lamps, Lighting Pads.
I want to buy a gift, what should I get them?

While everyone's taste is different, these are a few tips that could help you find the ideal gift:
  • If you aren't sure what theme they would like, consider whether you want the kit to be used for fun or as an art project.
  • If you are buying for someone who loves Diamond Painting, they most often prefer "Full Drill" patterns, as they are more challenging.
  • If you are buying for a younger person, Beginner kits are just the right size to know if they will enjoy the hobby; check our Animals category for ideas, even at Intermediate level.
  • If you are buying for someone in your household, think about what would look good framed in your house or in their bedroom.
I have never made a Diamond Painting before, should I stick to Beginner kits?

The difficulty levels are really more a guide for how many colours and individual "Dotz" or drills the design will have. Because of this, you'll find beginner patterns are often smaller. While it is a good place to start, it doesn't mean you can't begin with a more advanced pattern, in fact I often recommend to start with an Intermediate level kit, as some images are more colourful and the larger number of drills usually mean you can enjoy them for longer.
Do you have square drill kits?

Unfortunately at this time we only stock the original Diamond Dotz, which specialize in faceted "diamond" drills that generate a more colourful design. In the future we may stock square drills, do let us know if you're interested in them.
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